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Management system introduction:

  • Management Interface display the current status
  • Real time alarm and reminder for pressure hurts or Sign sputum
  • The detected data can be viewed in real time, and the graph display is clear and simple
  • Heart rate/respiration/body movement provides daily sleep analysis for medical staff's reference

iProték Smart mattress

  • Smart Mattress

    Detect rate/respiration/body movement data with High accuracy. 

    • Comparing clinical data with leading brand contact sensing instruments, the accuracy is more than 95%
    • Analyze sleep quality 

    Alarm function

    • Data  abnormal warning
    • Vacancy detection


    • Heart Rate
    • Respiration
    • Body Movement
    • Abnormal Warning
    • Vacancy Detection
    • Remind
    • Analyze Sleep Quality

    Non-wearable Device

    Apps complete

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