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Xeye is a cutting-edge anomaly detection sensor designed for private areas like toilets and bathrooms, promising privacy monitoring without compromising individuals' dignity.  Xeye is specifically engineered to address a spectrum of challenges encountered in private spaces, ranging from vandalism and potential criminal activities to personal safety. If individuals with medical conditions faint or exhibit slow responses in the bathroom, immediate assistance is crucial to avoid major accidents. This also applies to personal accidents involving intoxicated guests who may linger in the restroom for extended periods, as well as drowning incidents involving infants and babies.

S.A.T Xeye Privacy Sensor

    • Special devices are installed in private spaces. AI technology is utilized to analyze the skeletal condition of the human body, allowing monitoring at any time.

    • The device can detect anomalies in the toilet and promptly transmit information wirelessly to the outside.

    • Information is obtained through the wireless device to identify the type of abnormal situation. There will be no screen to compromise the privacy of the guests.

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