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Info for suppliers

Free Product Listing, a B2B care website, associated with just got online. In 2023, we would like to collect the following product info for the upcoming editorial topics. Just fill out the form, your product will be uploaded to the database and promoted to 2,000+ readers around the world. You may email for any further questions.

Invitation for product submission in the following categories:

(1) Smart tech products for elderly safety, such as fall detection, bed exit sensors, and personal emergency devices, like emergency alerts, safety buttons, and medical alerts. 

(2) Security & safety for care facilities, such as video security monitoring systems, access control systems, and fire alarm systems. 

(3) Contactless vital sign monitoring equipment 

(4) Telehealth service, software & solution 

(5) Mobility devices for assistive living 

(6) Sensory aids that provide sound, sight, smell, movement/touch, and taste stimulation 

(7) Elderly fitness equipment 

(8) Orthosis/Rehab training equipment 

(9) Health-related products 

(10) Cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing devices 

(11) Device for cognitive care, dementia 

(12) Elderly toys, instruments, and entertainment

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