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tst biomedical electronics

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tstbio is a Taiwan based biomedical electronics span-off company established in 2018 by Tai-Saw Technology Co., Ltd. Based on immunoassay and the core technology of Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) of TST as well as of his long term strategic partner, JRC, Japan Radio Co., Ltd., tstbio has developed a simple and robust SAW biosensor platform, “iProtin” of POCT (point of care testing) for home and clinic applications. Besides, tstbio has carried different biomedical devices product lines to serve the growing health management demand for our community.

Succeeding the core SAW technology of TST and of his strategic partner JRC, tstbio team has been executing research and development projects with some major central hospitals here in Taiwan. The iProtin system enables multiple tests and applications in one device. The iProtin system brings the benefits of portability, minimal training and maintenance allowing testing and monitoring to be undertaken anywhere by anyone. It is an easily handled and cost-effective device allowing rapid and reliable tests at the point-of-use. The quantitative results allow precise decisions for diagnosis and monitoring improving health and wellness. Only need one drop of finger-tip whole blood and within 3 minutes, the iProtin system can measure the biomarkers in human body.


iProték, iProtin



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Health & Wellness, Systems


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