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Introducing FeminFresh Vaginal Hygiene Solution!

.Clean, deodorize, and maintain vaginal hygiene post-menstruation or as needed.
.Effectively treats and prevents vaginal trichomoniasis, leukorrhea, and external genital itching.

Product Features:
.Powerful buffering effect restores normal vaginal acidity, fostering beneficial bacteria growth.
.Inhibits harmful bacteria, ensuring a lasting antibacterial effect.
.Specially formulated lactic acid eliminates vaginal odor and supports post-contraceptive care.

How to Use:
.Measure 10ml of concentrated solution with the included cup.
.Pour into the dilution bottle and mix with warm water (200ml total volume).
.Use for vaginal irrigation or external wash twice a week.

Lactic Acid, Thymol, Eucalyptus Oil (Oleum Eucalypti) and Menthol.

Elevate your feminine care routine with FeminFresh – promoting freshness, health, and confidence!

Soft-Beauty concentrated liquid (Lactic acid) Feminine Douche

  • .Lactic Acid Freshness: Enriched with lactic acid, our solution eliminates odor and supports post-contraceptive care.
    .Complete Hygiene: FeminFresh cares for your intimate needs, cleaning and maintaining post-menstruation.
    .Effective Relief: Say goodbye to issues like trichomoniasis, leukorrhea, and itching with our powerful treatment.
    .Buffering Power: Experience a potent buffering effect, restoring natural vaginal acidity and supporting good bacteria growth.
    .Long-Lasting Defense: Enjoy lasting protection as it inhibits harmful bacteria, ensuring a healthy vaginal environment.
    .Smart Savings: Economical usage – one bottle, 20 dilutions – a cost-effective solution for your feminine care routine.

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