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Experience the Power of our Exclusive 4-in-1 High-Efficiency Formula:

.Astaxanthin: Boosts Eye Protection
.ALA: Supports Cognitive Health
.DHA: Enhances Brain Function
.High-Potency E: Amplifies Antioxidant Capacity
.ORAC Value 3-8 Times Higher Than Market Standards
.Sole High-Dose Dual Trademark Authorization for Unmatched Quality
.Comfortably Sensible Eye Protection
.Plant-based capsules, suitable for vegetarians


  • .4-in-1 Formula: Astaxanthin for eye protection, ALA for cognitive health, DHA for brain function, and High-Potency E for antioxidant capacity.
    . Market-Leading ORAC Value: 3-8 times higher than standard, showcasing superior antioxidant power.
    .Unmatched Quality: Sole high-dose dual trademark authorization ensures top-tier product quality.
    . Comfortable Eye Protection: Sensible and effective safeguarding for your eyes.
    .Plant-Based Capsules: Suitable for vegetarians.
    .Comprehensive Benefits: Enhance overall well-being with a powerful blend of ingredients.

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