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AstaReal® Astaxanthin Expert -Revitalize your health with our AstaReal® Astaxanthin Expert, setting the standard with premium absorption and unmatched potency. 

.High-Potency 8mg Astaxanthin, easily absorbed by the body
.Exclusive water-soluble formula for optimal absorption
.Convenient for those who struggle with swallowing or using tubes—simply cut open and mix with beverages or nutrients
.Advanced encapsulation technology enhances internal absorption
.ORAC value 3-8 times higher than market standards
.Plant-based capsules, suitable for vegetarians

Revitalize Youth ASTAXANTHIN 8mg

  • ".High-Potency 8mg Astaxanthin for superior health benefits.
    .Exclusive water-soluble formula ensures optimal absorption.
    .Convenient for those with swallowing difficulties – easily mixed with beverages.
    .Advanced encapsulation technology enhances internal absorption.
    .ORAC value 3-8 times higher than market standards for potent antioxidant support.
    .Plant-based capsules, perfect for a vegetarian lifestyle."

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