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Wei Ming Pharmaceutical Mfg. Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction

WeiMing Pharma, founded in 1962, is well-known for developing the Better-Iodine series of medications utilized in leading teaching hospitals. Our portfolio now includes high-quality raw material brands, such as excipients, cosmetics, health functional foods, and medical beauty products. We provide services such as patent information, product concepts, formula design, and technical consultations to fulfill the varied development requirements of both domestic and international industries.

With over 60 years of experience, WeiMing Pharma is a trusted and highly efficient health brand. We distribute Rivadouce, France's top medical aesthetic brand. Our products undergo strict organic certifications and testing, ensuring the highest quality. Rivadouce’s products are highly recommended and exclusively sold through professional channels, fostering long-term collaborations with our esteemed partners.


AstaPeutic, WEI MING



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+886-22522-3104 Ext. 131

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Health & Wellness


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