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PixoTest® POCT System integrates APP features and multiple IVD tests including HbA1c & Lipid into one device to provide efficient and accurate results. The PixoTech® technology utilizes the lighting and image sensing module of the smartphone to detect the color change reaction on test strips. The image of the test strip is captured by the front camera and analyzed via the measurement algorithm to turn out a quantified result.


Moreover, the embedded wireless transmission elements make all test data be seamlessly uploaded to the cloud and connected to the patient management systems. With good integration of IVD and IT application, the PixoTest® POCT system can be perfectly installed in the pharmacy or drug store in the community and fit into their operation process to provide better efficiency and maximize benefits brought by POCT system.

PixoTest chronic disease management

    • Portable
      • Handheld design for ease of carrying to the community
    • Efficient
      • Quick test results and intuitive UI design can fit perfectly into the operation process and improve efficiently
    • Accurate
      • The PixoTest® POCT System has received the CE mark and is FDA cleared* and certified by  IFCC
      • All test data can be seamlessly uploaded to the cloud and connected to the management systems of community-based point-of-care facility

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