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iXensor is the pioneer of mobile health.

We turn ordinary smartphones into versatile lab-grade medical diagnostic devices for point-of-care testing and at-home self-testing solutions. PixoTest®, our first product, is also the world’s first FDA approved smartphone camera-based blood test dated back in 2017.

The founding team of iXensor first met at Stanford University in 2011. At that time, they saw the rise of the smartphone and its potential to reshape future healthcare. In 2012, iXensor was founded in Silicon Valley and then incorporated in Taipei, Taiwan. Our interdisciplinary team combines expertise in medical engineering, biochemistry, and information technology to develop innovative digital health solutions that empower tomorrow’s connected healthcare.

Our product lines cover Women’s Health, Chronic, and Infectious Diseases and are powered by our core technology – PixoTech® platform protected by more than 80 international patents. PixoTech® serves as the platform-as-a-service model and will be the engine for our next phase of growth.

We have received many international awards for our innovation, and our business has also been accelerated by Merck Accelerator, Plug & Play’s Creasphere, and Johnson & Johnson Innovation’s JLABs.





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