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Standard Type: Suitable for places below the 3 floors

  • Fast delivery within 15 working days
  • Can be used outdoors
  • The seats can be replaced with custom shelves

High Floor Type: Suitable for more than 3 floors or heavy duty places.

  • Equipped with lithium battery -Not afraid of insufficient battery capacity
  • Rechargeable on every floor-save waiting time
  • The display remote on every floor-easy to use, just like an elevator
  • Special floor remote-one click to go

Narrow Stairs Type: Rotated position moving, suitable for stairs with a width of 65 ~ 70 cm.

  • No need to spend a lot of time modifying the decoration
  • No need to install two units in sections, saving money and convenience

Wealtree electrical Stairlift

    • MIT products
    • Ergonomic armrest
    • Easy joystick
    • Interactive display remote control
    • Collision detecting senso
    • Auto charging
    • Auto return 
    • Emergency button
    • Easily carry goods
    • Caregiver remote control
    • Extrusion aluminum alloy rail
    • Lowest height, curved, single rail
    • Rail lighting
    • Fast delivery
    • Local services

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