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VSTAlert uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision to identify someone's intent to get out of a bed or chair 30-65 seconds before they actually do.


VSTAlert is optimized for skilled nursing and AL/IL environments. When a resident attempts a bed exit, the automated alert notifies the assigned staff, as well as the floor’s central console, all within one second. If there is no response to the alert, a contingency protocol escalates the alert to the rest of the team on that floor.

VirtuSense VSTAlert

    • Secure

      • VSTAlert is 100% HIPAA-Compliant and prioritizes resident privacy.

      • The solution does not use cameras.

      • LIDAR sensors to scan data from the room.

      • Photorealistic images aren't captured and resident privacy is maintained.   

    • Accurate

      • For standard bed alarm devices, detection accuracy can be as low as 15%. 

      • Sends real-time alerts to nurses and staff within a second of a bed exit with 98% accuracy. 

    • Vigilant

      • Console allows you to manage your entire floor from a single screen.

      • Management can assign rooms to nurses and staff, track shifts, onboard patients, and view the status of each room in real-time.

      • 24/7 alerting is reliable between shifts, so your team can focus on care.


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