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tBPC’s Wrist Pulse Oximeter, oCareTM Pro 100 is the world’s

first and only pulse oximeter that measures the pulse rate and

blood oxygen saturation directly with medical-grade accuracy and safety at the wrist.


Current pulse oximeters use a clip-like probe that measures the heart rate and blood oxygen level from the fingertip, making it very inconvenient for continuous monitoring.


The sensor probe will interfere with the movement of fingers. It may easily fall off from the finger during daily activities or sleep. Furthermore, the sensor probe will cause finger pain or thrombosis when the probe is clamped on the finger for hours.


tBPC can provide the service of sleep reports. According to the

measurement recordings of “oCareTM Pro 100”, including pulse rate, oxygenation saturation and respiratory rate. We can calculate the oxygen desaturation index (ODI) and time below 88% saturation (T88), and output the data analysis report for physicians to diagnose whether the patient has sleep-disordered breathing or not. The sleep report can also enable the general public to understand their sleep status.

tBPC oCareTM wrist-worn pulse oximeter

    • Free from physical limitation Painless and Stressless, no more discomfort from the fingertip probe or strap
    • Waterproof from daily activity
    • Easy and secure wireless upload connectivity
    • Bring the true professionalism into the home environment
    • Suitable for health and rehabilitation monitoring
    • Help your physician to closely monitor your confidential health data

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