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For long-term bedridden patients, apart from the 8 hours of night sleep, it is recommended to be in a sitting position for the rest 16 hours of daycare.

SINGA Mai stressless chair position air mattress

    • Easy breath
      • For daily care, when it comes to position, sitting is better than lying. Because gravity helps the Diaphragm work, patients do not need to breathe heavily
      • Decreases the potential of asthma happens
    • Low Shear Force
      • The patented Cyclone cell design of MAI-STRESSLESS™ can ensure balance and protect the patient from the risk of forming pressure sores and tissue deformation
      • Mai-stressless™ fell with 352 cells to distribute body weight equally, exploiting the utmost pressure relief in every possible position to support the surface
    • Skin-friendly
      • Increasing the Ventilatory
      • The cells are square-shaped, and the spacing of each cell can make air go through easily
      • Made of FW material
      • Stretchable, water-proof, flame resistant, high ventilation, low shear force, anti-bacteria and machine washable
    • Silence & Stable
      • Works with e-Manometer™ to offer 2LPM air output and to pump 18 seconds in 10 minutes. Moreover, the sound of the motor is lower than 30 dB
      • Adapt to various body shapes
      • The Sacrum and the Ischial sink immerse in the mattress make patients stable. Around the mattress is the foam that builds a strong support for patients.

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