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For users with good core stability and muscle tone

  • Non-washable sling designed for single-patient use
  • Large leg-opening with good access for toileting
  • Disposed when soiled or when the user no longer needs it


Molift UnoSling Toilet is a low back sling with a wide leg opening to facilitate dressing and undressing when using the toilet. The sling is easy to apply and remove and has a belt for added security during hoisting. The green seam mark helps as a guide to place the sling in a centered position.


High requirements for infection control

Molift UnoSling Toilet is a personal disposable product, designed to meet the demands and challenges of today’s hospital environment. Molift UnoSlings are specific to a single user and an effective solution for preventing the transmission of infection. The sling remains with the user during the entire length of their stay in the hospital.


Sling for short-term use
Molift UnoSling Toilet is manufactured in a strong non-woven material that is not washable. The sling is discarded if it becomes dirty or damaged, or if the user no longer needs it.

Molift unosling toilet

    • Label with user's name
      • Large, clear label with practical information
      • The size is shown clearly and it is easy to add the user’s name, which ensures safe use
    • Extra security
      • The adjustable belt gives extra security during the lift
    • Disposable product
      • Do not wash
      • Molift UnoSlings should be discarded when the user no longer needs the sling, or if it becomes damaged or dirty
    • Non-slip lining
      • The inside of the sling has a non-slip lining to help the sling stay in place

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