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The Power Toilet Lift Chair is the perfect solution to help you maintaining your independence, dignity and privacy because it enables you to continue to use the bathroom as you always have: All by yourself. It slowly lowers you to a sitting position and gently raises you to the level where you can more easily stand on your own. It's simple to operate and works. It is especially suitable for the elderly, pregnant women and the disabled who have difficulty squatting when using the toilet.

Gratitude Bringer Power Lift Toilet

    • Simple to operate and works. Can settle on the toilet in bathroom, or be a bedside commode in bedroom. 
    • HANDHELD CONTROLLER: to make the lifting process convenient for the user or caregiver. 
    • SAFETY NON-SLIP BARS : Soft, durable, detachable armrests provide support when standing up and sitting down. 
    • HEIGHT ADJUSTMENY: The seat can be adjusted for different height(51~71.5cm) with virtually silent electric motor.
    • AUTOMATIC LIFTING SYSTEM: Powered by 2 pcs Linear Actuator to support the sit-to-stand motion path required for getting on and off the toilet.
    • WEIGHT CAPACITY can reach 180kgs. 
    • Leakage protection.

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