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ELLY supports people in need of care and their relatives in everyday care. With ELLY your fears of falls or running away of your relatives disappear.

ELLY lights the way, protects against falls, perceives dangerous situations and notifies when assistance is needed.


  • ELLY is the intelligent lighting solution for your home! The functions of ELLY are diverse:

    • Orientation light: The individual points of light become active as soon as ELLY detects movement. In this way, the path from the bed to the door can be ideally illuminated.
    • Notifications: Your loved one can no longer move around without your support? With ELLY's notification function, you will be informed as soon as he/she gets up or gets out of bed.

    In addition to the two main functions, ELLY has an integrated night light and can also be placed in the aisle for people who tend to walk.

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