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The innovative 2-in-1 electric blanket can keep you warm as an overblanket when you take a nap on the couch or an underblanket to sleep with at night.

Within the multi-layered design, specifically a material layer being as light as the cloud, brings you the best of 4D DWF, nature, breathability, and warmth. When the side of 4D DWF holes is placed against the body, warm flows wrap around the body as natural as breathing air. It brings you the intrinsic joy which cannot be described until you personally experience it.

Several layers of meticulously-selected fabrics are secured by the unique welding technique which retains and distributes heat evenly. When the product is used as an overblanket, it produces a weighted effect to fit to body contours closely so you wouldn't lose too much heat with tossing and turning.

Wellcare WE-167OBHD 2-in-1 electric blanket

    • 4D DWF
    • Single size
    • APS - Active protect system
    • Works as both over and underblanket
    • 4 temperature settings
    • 8 hours timer auto switch-off for setting 1
    • 120 min. timer auto switch-off for setting 2, 3, 4
    • Detachable controller
    • Turbo heating
    • Power watts: 100W
    • Machine washable at 30

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