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Otoadd Platinum's flagship R1 series earphone is a hearing aid product.


The reason for the design of this hearing aid is: popular appearance, suitable for social life without people notice it as a multifunctional hearing aid.


The placement of microphones at both front and the rear break through the previous BTE hearing aid with microphone placed at behind the ear. The front and rear microphone placement make the sound clearer.


Otoadd R1 series Hearing Aid

    • 360 degrees receiving with directional listening
    • Bluetooth 5.2 support android / iPhone / Mac / Windows wireless connection
    • Support individual volume adjustment for both ears
    • built-in 32 channels
    • Maximum sound pressure 120db (Medium lv.)
    • World leading patented mask vocal enhancement technology
    • Unique sound reinforcement vocal restoration
    • Wind noise reduction / mask mode / AI noise reduction mode / Chinese and English language model support
    • Use chip made by TSMC, designed by Qualcomm

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