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Our stylish Charming Walker is an ideal choice for performing daily activities. It’s pretty lightweight yet strong. The push down brakes are easier for user who have weak hands to apply the brakes. And the comfortable seat is convenient for user to take a short rest while walking for a period of time.  The storage bag allows user to put personal belongings inside and carry them anywhere you want.

Innovation Space Charming walker folding walker

    • Made from aluminum alloy, Charming walker is strong yet lightweight and durable.
    • Height adjustable handles is able to accommodate different user’s heights, it can be adjusted from 770 – 920mm
    • Push down brakes provide extra safety and protection
    • The removable zipped storage bag is convenient while going grocery shopping or carrying personal belongings.
    • Features large 6 inches wheels for easy and great maneuverability, providing a smooth transportation over most surfaces
    • You can add a food tray (optional accessory) on the seat for carrying drinks or meals while moving.

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