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This product is made from natural marine extracts by high-tech electrolysis, which can destroy the internal structure of bacteria and microorganisms by strong oxidizing force, so that the amino acids in protein oxidation and decomposition to achieve anti-bacteria effect, deodorization, no added fragrances, and give you fresh air, safe environment.

Bao Clean Technoloy Electrolytic gases ClO2 spray bottle:280ml

    • Quick anti-bacterial, deodorizing and cooling helper in the car
    • A light spray, 10 seconds, deodorizes quickly
    • Strong oxidizing power to penetrate and decompose, preventing the reproduction of harmful substances and preventing bacteria and odor from the source
    • Safe and efficient
    • No residue
    • Food grade disinfectant
    • Non-regulated environmental medication
    • Anti-bacteria
    • Prevent the reproduction of harmful substances

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