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The basic vital signs of life: body temperature, Pulse and Respiration, any abnormality in these vital signs can endanger our lives!

Thermal Imaging – body temperature detection: 

  • Using long-wavelength infrared thermal imaging technology to analyze human body temperature.
  • Detect heat radiation of the human body and convert it into measurement data.
  • No need for light source, monitoring day and night.
  • Provide single-point and regional temperature measurement.
  • Detection accuracy ±0.5°C

Vital Sign Radar – heart rate and respiratory rate detection:

  • High-sensitivity radar, capable of detecting a small amplitude of 1mm.

  • Adopting ISM 2.4GHz general frequency band and pass NCC safety certification.

  • Detection accuracy 90%

  • Respiration Rate ±3BPM

  • Heart Rate ±7BPM

ADE AD-HG Square

    • Non-contact sensing technology, full-time undisturbed monitoring physiological information.

    • Comprised thermal imaging and vital sign radar, capture vital signs data in real-time.

    • Quick release design and easy installation.

    • With back end system, it provides alarm for any abnormality and provide big data collection for analysis.

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