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Non-imaging fall detection sensors provide extra comfort for seniors

Updated: May 4, 2023

Fall has become a major risk for older adults living independently. It has been a hot topic for caregivers since falls may cause serious injuries or death. Traditionally, senior falls may be detected by some wearable with motion sensors and alarm systems, such as bracelets, smartwatches, necklaces, or tags. However, some drawbacks of wearable, such as frequent charging and easily be taken off, may make wearable not preferred by some seniors. Imaging sensors may also cause the concern of privacy.

Thanks to the latest sensing technologies, non-imaging fall detection sensors can be easily installed at home or nursing homes to detect senior falls and avoid injuries. It can help the elderly maintain their health, independence, and privacy. Many experts in the industry are dedicated to developing fall detection devices, which are assisted by AI/machine learning, combined with sensors and cloud data, to protect the elderly in the first place. If they are in a situation, the information can be sent back to the monitoring station, local police, or caregivers for early response. Meanwhile, the system provides behavior analysis, such as bedtime, and bath time recording, making a total solution for senior healthy living.

In the following, we introduce 10 non-imaging fall detection systems with technologies such as radar, LIDAR, and WIFI sensing for home caregivers, nursing homes, and care centers.

Hex Home Home Guardian System

Supplier: Origin Wireless Taiwan Corporation

Hex smart home security system was launched on 6/8/2021 in USA. It is powered by Origin Wireless, Inc. (OWI) WiFi sensing technology to protect home with high accuracy. Hex is simple to install, avoiding the complicated installation of the home security camera, contact sensors of windows and doors or the PIR motion sensors. Without camera or wearing any device, it could be a monitor system for the living alone elder’s daily motions. The user just downloads the app, plug in the devices, connect to WiFi, done! The user can manage the schedule of arming or disarming the system from anywhere and anytime by the APP without paying the monthly fee in our basic offer.

Supplier: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Taiwan

The fall detection system uses an AI algorithm and millimeter-wave radar sensing technologies to detect falls and send an alert to the caregiver by mobile phone messages or the emergency alarm system in the institution, so the caregiver can provide help as soon as possible.

The fall detection radar is mounted on the ceiling with remote sensing capability, so there is no need for anyone to wear anything. The elderly or patients can be protected 24/7 with ease and comfort.

The system works even in darkness or steam. Rather than capturing people's images by cameras, millimeter-wave radars only capture the point clouds of objects, so privacy is protected. This makes it suitable to be installed in sensitive areas like bedrooms or bathrooms.

Supplier: Essence, Israel

MDsense is a multi-dimensional fall detection solution available to the global care market. MDsense is a non-wearable solution employing advanced AI algorithms to immediately detect a fallen individual. Utilizing advanced, wall-mounted multi-sensing technology rather than video cameras, the system ensures constant monitoring without infringing on users' privacy and can operate in both light and dark environments.

Supplier: Fashion Intelligence, Taiwan

Utilizing thermal sensing and millimeter-wave radar technology for detection, the system can also be used to determine whether there are abnormal situations, such as sleeping more than normal hours according to the lying/sedentary hours of the subject, to determine the health status of the elderly living alone.

It has a feature of three-stage fall detection, which categorizes falls into possible falls, falls, and failure to get up after a fall. When a fall occurs, a notification is sent to caregivers.

Supplier: Vayyar, Israel

Vayyar Care uses optics-free radio frequency technology to provide 24/7 touchless monitoring. The device works in all lighting conditions, dense steam, and high humidity, generating 4D point cloud imaging that protects people and respects their privacy.

Vayyar Care, a wall-mounted sensor, uses 4D imaging radar – mmWave MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) radio frequency sensor. New features are deployed remotely; require one-time installation with no additional technician visits. One device monitors an area measuring up to 16 m2/169 ft2, making it ideal for senior care community bedrooms and bathrooms. It is interoperable with several major nurse call system providers.

It is authorized for use across the US, UK, Europe, China, Taiwan, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

Supplier: Chirp, Canada

Chirp monitors room occupancy, detects visitors, and logs time in bed and time spent walking in the home. Chirp doubles as a 2-way communication device, allowing caregivers to easily check in without requiring phones to be answered. It can trigger a voice-based medical alert. The care recipient can say "help" to trigger a notification in the Chirp app. No more buttons to push or devices to wear.

One Chirp sensor covers a room with a field of view of 120 degrees and a range of 20 ft. Most users typically install it in bedrooms, bathrooms, and main living areas.

Supplier: EchoCare Technologies, Israel

EchoCare Technologies' ECT-1310PC is a non-wearable senior care remote monitoring system for the home/room environment. The system represents a breakthrough in supporting senior living due to its ability to monitor both health and safety-related parameters using proprietary radio-based technology.

Installed on the ceiling, each device can monitor a 40-sqm area without cameras to protect individuals' privacy. Examples of other use cases include fall detection, activities of daily living analysis, and sleep event monitoring.

Remote senior-care providers can easily integrate EchoCare's system into their solution to add robust capabilities while consolidating all data within their own dashboards.

Model ECT-1310PC follows regulations in the United States, Japan, and Australia.

Supplier: CARETEQ, Israel

EQ-FallsAlert is a passive, real-time falls detection and prevention system for those in residential aged care, primary or acute care. Compared to traditional falls monitoring systems, TEQ-FallsAlert saves staff hours and increases staff engagement.

Supplier: Virtusense, USA

The solution does not use cameras. Instead, VSTAlert uses LIDAR sensors to scan data from the room. This means photorealistic images aren't captured and resident privacy is maintained.

VSTAlert is optimized for skilled nursing and AL/IL environments. When a resident attempts a bed exit, the automated alert notifies the assigned staff, as well as the floor’s central console, all within one second. If there is no response to the alert, a contingency protocol escalates the alert to the rest of the team on that floor.

Supplier: 5VOXEL, Taiwan

5VOXEL VoxelCare uses de-identification LIDAR technology to detect abnormal behavior, without any device wearing need, protecting privacy. It can provide full-time posture on bed and falling near bed detection for the instant danger alarm and bedtime routine analysis.


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