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Carry out fall detection and judgment on target in common fall areas (such as bathroom/bedroom).


It can also be used to determine whether there are abnormal situations (such as sleeping more than normal hours) according to the lying/sedentary hours of the subject, so as to determine the health status of the elderly living alone.

O.NaVi Fall detection

    • 24-hour fall detection: Utilizes thermal sensing and millimeter-wave radar technology for detection.
    • Privacy protection: does not use cameras or recording devices. thermal sensing is used to detect the presence of a person, while millimeter-wave radar is used to determine object height.
    • Wearable-free: uses remote radar sensing technology, so seniors do not need to wear any devices.
    • Three-stage fall detection: categorizes falls into possible falls, falls, and failure to get up after a fall. When a fall occurs, a notification is sent to caregivers.
    • 24-hour customer service system: in the event of a fall, the system notifies both caregivers and the customer service system for double protection of senior safety.

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