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The Fall Detection System uses an AI algorithm and millimeter-wave radar sensing technologies to detect falls and send an alert to the caregiver by mobile phone messages or the emergency alarm system in the institution, so the caregiver can provide help as soon as possible.


The Fall Detection Radar is mounted on the ceiling with remote sensing capability, so there is no need for anyone to wear anything. The elderly or patients can be protected 24/7 with ease and comfort.


The system works even in darkness or steam. Rather than capturing people’s images by cameras, millimeter-wave radars only capture the point clouds of objects, so privacy is protected. This makes it suitable to be installed in sensitive areas like bedrooms or bathrooms.

Fusion Fall Detection System

    • 24-hour Fall Detection: Millimeter-wave radar works in all lighting and environmental conditions, even in darkness or steam.
    • Privacy Protected: Do not use a camera to capture people’s images. Millimeter-wave radars only capture point clouds of objects, suitable for installation in sensitive areas like bedrooms or bathrooms.
    • Wear Nothing: Remote radar sensing technology so there is no wearable needed.
    • Applications of Stance Detection: The solution can detect stances to alert caregiver when the person stays in the bathroom too long or gets up from the bed.

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