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Highlights of MEDICA 2023 (Part 1): Innovations in healthcare

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

MEDICA 2023 venue
MEDICA 2023 venue; photo credit: MEDICA

Cutting-edge developments and collaborations mark a transformative year in the healthcare field via MEDICA Trade Fair 2023. Here are the latest innovations showcased in the show.

Fraunhofer IDMT's radar technology for vital data collection in cars

Scientists at Fraunhofer IDMT in Oldenburg have introduced a novel method for collecting and analyzing radar data from the human body. The radar's unique positioning allows robust, non-contact vital data collection, opening up applications in medicine and automotive fields. This breakthrough technology enhances the potential for collecting vital signs such as respiration and heartbeat pulse.

Fraunhofer IDMT's radar technology for vital data collection in cars
Radar technology for vital data collection in cars; photo credit: Fraunhofer IDMT

Beurer's blood pressure monitors with AFib Function

Beurer introduces the BM 64 and BM 53 upper arm blood pressure monitors, equipped with an integrated AFib function for early detection of atrial fibrillation. These devices, incorporating triple measurement recommended by doctors, provide more accurate values and contribute significantly to stroke prevention.

Beurer's blood pressure monitors with AFib Function
Blood pressure monitors with AFib Function; photo credit: Beurer

Securer respiratory mask: German Medical Award Nominee

The Securer high-tech respiratory mask, known for its lightweight design and electronic respiratory protection, has been nominated for the German Medical Award. With integrated UVC LED light disinfection, this mask filters, kills, and cleans breathing air, offering comprehensive protection against viruses and bacteria.

Securer respiratory mask, the German Medical Award Nominee
Securer respiratory mask; Photo credit: SecurerAir GmbH

Austco Global's strategic partnership with Vayyar Care

Austco, a leading international manufacturer of nurse call systems and healthcare communication solutions, has joined forces with Vayyar, the global leader in 4D imaging radar. Together, they are introducing touchless, camera-free fall detection and activity monitoring. This innovative collaboration enables Austco to offer tailored solutions for independent living, aged care, remote patient monitoring, and dementia/memory care, addressing the evolving needs of healthcare facilities.

HopeCare and Microsoft: Pioneering telemedicine in Austria

HopeCare is driving digitalization in Austrian healthcare through a groundbreaking collaboration with Microsoft. Their telemedicine solution is playing a pivotal role in advancing health apps, virtual doctor consultations, and e-prescriptions. Amid the ongoing pandemic, telemedicine proves to be a crucial tool in bridging geographical gaps and improving efficiency. HopeCare's focus on remote patient monitoring, with an emphasis on vital parameters like oxygen saturation and pulse, demonstrates a commitment to early risk detection and secure data transmission through an integrated Azure solution.

MEDICA Trade Fair 2023 showcases groundbreaking innovations, fostering collaborations that redefine the landscape of healthcare.


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