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Highlights of MEDICA 2023 (Part 2): Cutting-edge innovations in specialized therapies

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

CUREO featured in MEDICA 2023
CUREO featured in MEDICA 2023; photo credit: MEDICA

In the quest for advancements in healthcare, MEDICA 2023 showcases groundbreaking innovations, bringing together technology and therapy to address diverse health challenges. Among the standout offerings are:

Therapeutic Ball for Elderly Squeezi by Creative Therapy BV

Developed as a Ghent University spinoff, Creative Therapy BV introduces Squeezi, an interactive ball designed for therapeutic exercises targeting upper body movement, flexibility, and strength. Aimed at the elderly, as well as those with cerebral palsy and stroke, Squeezi offers an engaging approach to rehabilitation.

Therapeutic Ball for Elderly Squeezi by Creative Therapy BV
Therapeutic Ball for Elderly Squeezi; photo credit: Creative Therapy BV

CUREO Virtual Reality Therapy System by CUREosity

CUREosity presents CUREO, a CE-certified virtual reality therapy system designed in collaboration with clinics, physicians, therapists, and patients. Offering sustainable staff relief, high patient motivation, and a broad range of indications, CUREO uses immersive virtual reality to transform therapy into an engaging experience. The system is easy to use, requiring minimal training, and is adaptable to various therapeutic settings.

CUREO Virtual Reality Therapy System by CUREosity
CUREO Virtual Reality Therapy System; Photo credit: CUREosity


M+ BrainCare Lamp by Ideabus Technology

Tackling the significant global impact of aging and dementia on both individuals and economies, Ideabus introduces the M+ BrainCare Lamp. Leveraging a 40Hz therapy for Alzheimer's disease, validated through clinical trials, this innovative solution quantitatively monitors cognitive abilities, enabling early detection and personalized interventions. The therapy involves sound and light stimulation, reducing the decline in memory and cognitive ability scores by 83% and brain atrophy by 61%.

M+ BrainCare Lamp provided by Ideabus Technology
M+ BrainCare Lamp; photo credit: Ideabus Technology

TENS One Pain Relief by TensCare

TensCare introduces TENS One, a digital TENS machine designed for easy use, providing drug-free pain relief for various conditions. With a focus on simplicity, this device is particularly suitable for individuals with motor difficulties. TENS therapy blocks pain signals, releasing endorphins to increase pain threshold, offering relief from conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, and chronic pain. Scientifically proven and approved globally, TENS One provides a safe and effective solution for pain management.

TENS One Pain Relief provided by TensCare
TENS One Pain Relief; photo credit: TensCare


WizeCare Platform by WizeCare Technologies

WizeCare Technologies pioneers a shift in physical therapy with the WizeCare Platform, introducing MoveAI technology. Through a mobile device camera, this technology accurately analyzes patients' live movement patterns during prescribed exercises, offering measurements such as Range of Motion, Velocity, Tremor, Sway, and Efficiency. This digital evolution in physical therapy not only makes care more affordable but also expedites recovery by enabling virtual performance of physical therapy diagnosis.

WizeCare Platform, provided by WizeCare Technologies
WizeCare Platform; Photo credit: WizeCare Technologies

ORACIA, developed by Health Portugal, powered by Health Cluster Portugal, contributes to the digital transformation of health and care in speech therapy. This ICT-based solution enables remote rehabilitation for aphasia patients with specialized medical monitoring, emphasizing the integration of technology into speech therapy for enhanced patient care.

As MEDICA 2023 unfolds, these innovations stand at the forefront of transformative therapies, showcasing the marriage of technology and healthcare for a brighter and healthier future.


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