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iAmbition Technology

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Safety is the only way home. Based on the mission of "make life safer and better", iAmbition Technology has independently developed a forward-looking AI sensing system. Through our professional consultation, we can provide early prevention of security incidents, real time detection of abnormal situation occurring in the field and with people, with comprehensive mobile notification. All of this is done without compromising privacy. Our solutions will assist government agencies, factories, campuses, healthcare institutions, shopping malls, exhibition venues and other industries to solve pain points through the process of digital empowerment and digital transformation, and improve ESG indicators such as "field safety", "management efficiency" and "service quality".

iAmbition Technology's iSafe and iCare systems includes 3D de-identified sensing technology, integrated artificial intelligence models, and a visualized situation center platform. We are a people-oriented company, coming from the perspective of digital transformation and attach importance to the mission of ESG, leading the industry to launch a series of innovative, people-oriented solutions.

The company is customer-oriented and positioned as a one-stop AI solution developer. In addition to its own continuous pursuit of technological breakthroughs and innovations, it also actively form alliances with a variety of partners to establish an smart life and smart safety ecosystem, that benefit stakeholders in an honest and responsible attitude.


iAmbition Technology


Taiwan, Singapore

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