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Demby Development

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In the 70s, Taiwanese industrial design had been starting to grow, the founder Mr. Johnson Wang (now CEO of Demby group) had graduated from National Taipei University of Technology, industrial design. As a designer, he has a curious mind and his original intention was to use his design ability to improve people's lives. Nevertheless, he combined all his skills and knowledge and created an industrial design company called "Demby".

Since he started the company (which has been running for over 30 years), the design company has improved tremendously and designed many innovative lifestyle products, such as toys, dictionaries, electric equipments and other home living products.

Mr. Johnson Wang creations have helped many international brands to stay in the current market. The CEO has been leading the design team, and allowing them to create and produce many unique and high quality products. Since the success of his products, many collaboration opportunities have became available with other companies. This is seen as an remarkable achievement in Taiwan.


Demby Development



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Health & Wellness


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