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U-ARK innovates long-term care industry with AI technology

Updated: Jun 8

U-ARK innovates long-term care industry with AI technology
source: U-ARK

U-ARK, a leading information technology provider for long-term care and health care facilities, has recently leveraged AI to enhance health care services with upgraded AI voice recognition technology and analytical insights. These advancements aim to improve service quality and assist facilities in maintaining sustainability and profitability.

Over more than a decade since its establishment, U-ARK has served over 750 long-term care institutions, not only leading Taiwan's long-term care information system industry but also pioneering the integration and reform of the long-term care sector.

U-ARK's long-term care information system offers diverse and interdisciplinary electronic records, effectively connecting care recipients, caregivers, and families. This system allows the care team to accurately perceive all the needs of the care recipients while easily navigating institutional evaluations. It is the only system in Taiwan that can estimate care hours and costs at the time of admission assessment. Additionally, with the integration of an intelligent steward electronic whiteboard, information on medical visits, rehabilitation, participation in activities, and special care needs becomes clearer. This aids institutions in scheduling daily activities for different residents and provides timely reminders through visuals and sounds.

Beyond the long-term care field, U-ARK continues to engage in integration with industry peers and cross-industry collaborations. Government agencies and renowned electronics manufacturers have partnered with U-ARK in several hospitals to test services involving smart wearable devices for physiological data measurement and medical and long-term care data exchange.

Leveraging AI to renovate long-term care, health care services

With AI technology maturing, U-ARK has evolved from initially observing AI's practical benefits to the long-term care industry, to assessing the feasibility and value of AI, creating meaningful technological support for its products. The company has upgraded its mature AI voice recognition technology to recognize multiple languages, Taiwanese dialects, and nursing terminologies. Nursing staff can use the system for voice input of nursing forms, saving 80% of the time compared to traditional methods and maintaining over 90% accuracy, which is highly valued by the nursing staff. Moreover, U-ARK utilizes large language models and generative AI to analyze pharmacy data, recommending suitable health supplements to consumers based on evidence, thereby increasing the pharmacy's revenue and gross profit.

Leveraging Taiwan's strengths to promote refined services and break through the global long-term care industry, U-ARK has successfully exported its integrated long-term care industry system to the American market. Currently, the company is collaborating with American clients to develop systems and replicate the successful model in local long-term care institutions in the U.S.


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