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Tochtech Technologies enhances senior living with sleep monitoring platform

Updated: Jun 13

Tochtech Technology’s Sleepsense platform with advanced bed exit and sleep monitoring solution has been adopted by Trellis Seniors, enhancing the safety and quality of care for over 430 residents across their facilities in North Vancouver, Kamloops, and Sechelt.

Toch Sleepsense is a non-wearable bed sensor and sleep tracker designed to ensure the safety and well-being of seniors in long-term care facilities. The palm-sized device, placed under one wheel or leg of the bed, uses high-precision sensors and advanced algorithms to detect body movement and vital signs, regardless of the sleeper's position. This innovative technology alerts caregivers in real time when a senior exits the bed, does not return, or experiences a health emergency while in bed. Additionally, the platform provides detailed sleep quality reports and analyses, offering valuable evidence-based information for care and medication planning, ultimately improving the quality of life for seniors.

Benefits for senior living houses

Tochtech’s Sleepsense platform addresses critical aspects of senior care, including fall prevention, sleep quality improvement, and pressure injury management. The platform has been widely recognized for its effectiveness in achieving quality care goals, with significant positive outcomes reported by clients. In other long-term care facilities, Sleepsense has demonstrated a 38% reduction in resident falls and a 25% improvement in sleep quality, contributing to an overall positive impact on resident health and safety.

Tochtech Technologies enhances senior living with sleep monitoring platform
Source: Tochtech Technologies

Implementation at Trellis Seniors

The decision by Trellis Seniors to adopt Sleepsense across its three sites marks a significant milestone for Tochtech Technologies. Trellis, a leading long-term care provider, operates over 430 long-term care beds throughout British Columbia. The implementation began with trials in July 2022 at Hamilton Village Care Centre, previously part of the Trellis organization.

Langley Lodge Case Studies

At Langley Lodge, a long-term care residence in British Columbia, the staff have seen firsthand the benefits of Toch Sleepsense. Every bed is equipped with the device, allowing caregivers to monitor and understand the sleep patterns of each resident and make necessary interventions. For instance, staff noticed that a resident named Mr. Aikman had a low Sleep Score due to frequent disruptions at night. By reducing his afternoon naps, the staff improved his nighttime sleep quality and overall Sleep Score.

Understanding the needs of new residents quickly is crucial for a successful transition to long-term care. At Langley Lodge, the Sleepsense platform provided invaluable insights into a new resident’s frequent nighttime bathroom visits, leading to a swift assessment and treatment of a prostate condition. This level of prompt, evidence-based intervention would have previously taken over a week based on traditional observations.

Tochtech Technologies specializes in innovative solutions for senior care. Their award-winning Sleepsense platform is installed in thousands of beds across North America, the UK, Australia, and Asia, continuously improving the quality of care for seniors around the world.


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