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Study reveals automated dispensing cabinets transform medication management in long-term care facilities

Study reveals automated dispensing cabinets transform medication management in long-term care facilities
Source: BD, PR newswire

A recent research study published in the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association (JAPhA) sheds light on the profound impact of automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs) on medication management in long-term care facilities. Conducted by an independent team, the study evaluates the effectiveness of BD's Pyxis MedBank ADC system in enhancing patient care and operational efficiency.

Over a 90-day period, researchers examined the implementation of the BD Pyxis MedBank ADC system in two long-term care facilities served by an off-site pharmacy. The study focused on critical endpoints related to medication availability, workflow efficiency, and cost savings.

Key findings:

Enhanced medication availability: The introduction of automated dispensing cabinets led to a remarkable 71% reduction in medication retrieval time compared to manual emergency kits. This significant improvement ensures timely access to medications, crucial for patients with complex medical needs.

Cost-efficiency: Researchers observed a substantial 96% reduction in the cost of unscheduled medication deliveries across the two long-term care facilities, resulting in approximately $8,900 in cost savings. The streamlined workflow facilitated by the BD Pyxis MedBank system contributed to these significant financial benefits.

Operational streamlining: Pharmacy labor and inventory management experienced notable improvements, with a 59% decrease in medication preparation time for pharmacy technicians and an 80% reduction in pharmacist check-time. Additionally, standing medication inventory was reduced by over $10,000, indicating enhanced operational efficiency and resource utilization.

Positive nurse feedback: A perception survey involving 40 nurses revealed a preference for working with the ADC system over manual emergency kits. Nurses cited ease of medication location and documentation as key advantages, highlighting the user-friendly design of the BD Pyxis MedBank system.

The BD Pyxis MedBank addresses the prevalent use of manual medication management practices outside hospital settings by offering a comprehensive solution. It ensures availability and security of first dose and emergency medications. Additionally, it streamlines pharmacy and nursing workflows by reducing steps in the medication management process and providing electronic tracking and reporting for inventory management. Integration with Pharmacy Information Systems (PIS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) facilitates seamless charge capture. The system offers cloud-enabled, configurable options with secure CUBIE pockets, enabling clinical workflows in alternate settings and enterprise program management. It also features web-based interfaces for third-party systems and automated billing and reporting capabilities.

The findings of this study underscore the transformative potential of automated dispensing cabinets in revolutionizing medication management across diverse healthcare settings. By leveraging innovative technology, healthcare facilities can enhance patient care, streamline workflows, and achieve significant cost savings.

For further information about the study and its implications, researchers and healthcare professionals are encouraged to refer to the full article published in the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association (JAPhA).


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