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Seda GTech introduces WhizPad Smart Mattress to global market

Updated: Jun 8

Seda GTech, specializing in elder care products, introduces WhizPad Smart Mattress to global market
Source: Seda GTech

Seda GTech, originating from the Gerontechnology Research Center (GRC) of Yuan Ze University in Taiwan, is pioneering the development of smart products for the care of older adults. Recently, the company expanded its global market reach with its significant product, the WhizPad Smart Mattress. This innovative mattress is designed for bedridden patients, significantly reducing the risk of pressure injuries and preventing falls. The WhizPad Smart Mattress has been widely used in Taiwan, with nearly 5,000 beds deployed in medical institutions, care facilities, and home applications.

Reducing the risk of pressure injuries

Beds are central to the lives and care of patients in medical institutions and care facilities, and comfort is the most fundamental requirement for a mattress. Unlike many smart mattress products developed with sensors, WhizPad uses Seda Chemical Products’ premium “temperature-sensitive pressure-relieving memory foam,” providing boutique-grade comfort. The mattress molds to the body’s contours, providing envelopment and evenly distributed pressure. In a prospective cohort study at a medical center involving 254 ICU participants over one year, the use of this material was associated with an 88% reduced risk of pressure injury development (P = 0.007) compared with those using a standard hospital mattress.

Three-stage bed exit warning for fall detection

Patient falls are one of the most common safety incidents in hospitals, with “getting in and out of bed” being the most frequent activity during patient fall events. Preventing bed falls often involves the use of bed exit alarms. However, conventional bed exit alarm pads are small in size and prone to false alarms. Additionally, caregivers often receive notifications only after the older adult has left the bed, which can be too late. The intelligence function of WhizPad begins with bed exit alerts. The mattress, designed without electronic components, incorporates a sensing layer with pressure-sensing capabilities. The entire mattress is divided into 5x6 grids, totaling 30 sensing areas. Machine learning algorithms determine the user’s current lying position—lying down, sitting up, at the edge of the bed, or if the bed is empty. With an IoT architecture, the nursing station computer interface or mobile app can instantly display the lying position. When the system detects the user preparing to leave the bed, it emits a three-stage bed exit warning (sitting up, sitting at the edge of the bed, leaving the bed), reminding caregivers to assist promptly.

Smart management system tailored for long-term facilities

In addition to real-time bed status and alerts, smart mattresses in institutional applications also focus on changes in residents’ long-term living patterns. Caregivers can use the WhizPad care system dashboard to understand the residents’ status from the previous day. If there are abnormal changes compared to long-term living patterns, they can further click to view personalized data analysis, including daily bed exit records, bed activity levels, overnight sleep time, sleep efficiency, and more, to understand the reasons and design proactive care processes accordingly. Caregivers can also set personalized care modes for each resident based on their individual conditions and care needs, such as reminders for prolonged lying down or low activity levels, turning over or patting the back reminders, and reminder time settings.

WhizPad smart mattresses use Bluetooth transmission, requiring no power plug, and can operate for over six months with two AA batteries. The accompanying Bluetooth IoT receiver, WhizConnect, not only receives mattress data but can also receive data from other Bluetooth devices, such as thermometers, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, pulse oximeters, and even environmental temperature and humidity sensors, forming a complete home telehealth system. Family members can understand the sleep and living conditions of older adults at home through the mobile app and provide timely care and attention.

About Seda GTech Co. Ltd

Seda GTech Co. Ltd is a pioneering company in developing smart products for the care of older adults. Originating from Yuan Ze University’s Gerontechnology Research Center (GRC), established in 2003, Seda GTech has led Taiwan’s research and development efforts in this field and has gained international recognition. Professor Yeh-Liang Hsu, the center’s director, has served at Yuan Ze University for over 30 years, leading teams on many large-scale projects. In 2015, in collaboration with Seda Chemical Product Co., Ltd., a Taiwanese bedding manufacturer with over 50 years of history, GRC executed a project under the Ministry of Economic Affairs. As per the project requirements, Professor Hsu led a student team to establish the startup company Seda GTech after the project’s completion at the end of 2017, marking the official commencement of operations from research and development to product application.

Applying smart technology to address issues in aging societies has been a significant global trend. The core objective of Seda GTech is to provide “precision aged care and precision healthy aging” through smart technology applications. Currently, three mature products are in the market: WhizPad Smart Mattress, WhizToys Exercise Mat, and WhizConnect Telehealth Combo.


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