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Renowned hospital in Spain launches telehealth and remote patient management program using Masimo Technology

Renowned hospital in Spain launches telehealth and remote patient management program using Masimo Technology
Masimo W1, Radius VSM, Root, Patient SafetyNet, and UniView (Photo: Business Wire)

Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital, a pioneering medical institution serving over 800,000 people in north Barcelona, has initiated a groundbreaking telehealth and remote patient management program leveraging Masimo's cutting-edge wearable technologies. The program, known as the SESHAT project, aims to enhance patient care by enabling remote monitoring of physiological data in near real-time, whether patients are within the hospital or at home.

The project, which commenced in the fourth quarter of 2023 and is slated to run for at least three years, involves deploying up to 1,000 Masimo W1 medical watches, 100 Radius VSM Wearable Continuous Vital Signs Monitors, 10 Patient SafetyNet Systems, and a suite of additional Masimo Hospital Automation products.

Wearable technologies for enhanced patient monitoring

The SESHAT project was conceived in response to challenges identified during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly the need for effective remote monitoring of patients with complex care requirements. By providing real-time physiological data, the project aims to help clinicians improve health outcomes through better tracking and management of patient conditions. The goal is to shift from a reactive to a proactive care model, where healthcare teams can anticipate complications and tailor treatments more effectively.

Dr. Estrada, a key figure in the project, highlighted the importance of selecting robust and reliable wearable technology that does not disrupt patients' daily lives. “After evaluating various options, we chose Masimo’s technology embedded in medical-grade wearable devices like the Masimo W1 and Radius VSM. Masimo’s commitment to being a technological partner, not just a provider, was crucial. This strategic collaboration will allow us to validate technological improvements and address new needs, enhancing patient care from the hospital to the home and integrating seamlessly with Hospital Information Systems.”

Masimo Radius VSM Wearable Continuous Vital Signs Monitors

The Radius VSM is a patient-worn, continuous vital signs monitor designed to offer the reliability of a bedside monitor in a wearable format. It can track a wide range of physiological measurements and scale up or down based on patient acuity, allowing for continuous monitoring even as patients move around. This flexibility is crucial for accommodating varying patient volumes and needs, especially during surges.

Masimo W1 Medical Watch: Continuous Pulse Oximetry on the Wrist

The Masimo W1 medical watch offers continuous pulse oximetry in a comfortable, lifestyle-friendly device, empowering patients to take an active role in their health management. It tracks parameters such as SpO2, pulse rate, and heart rate, providing real-time data both day and night.

Future Prospects and Collaboration

Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital's collaboration with Masimo marks a significant step towards advancing telehealth and remote patient management. By integrating advanced wearable technologies, the SESHAT project aims to enhance patient care, improve health outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs. The partnership underscores the potential of innovative health technology to transform patient monitoring and care delivery, setting a new standard for the global healthcare industry.


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