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Premier senior living operator partners with LifeLoop to enhance elder care

Premier senior living operator partners with LifeLoop to enhance elder care
Source: LifeLoop

New Perspective Senior Living (New Perspective), a leading senior living provider committed to helping 10,000 seniors live with purpose by 2025, has partnered with LifeLoop, a resident and staff experience solution provider for senior living. This strategic collaboration aims to enhance person-centered care and lifestyle experiences for older adults across New Perspective’s 40-community portfolio.

At a pivotal time in its growth, New Perspective is embracing cutting-edge innovation to support its staff, residents, and their families efficiently and effectively. This partnership with LifeLoop underscores New Perspective’s dedication to leveraging technology to create a vibrant and fulfilling living environment.

New Perspective initially adopted LifeLoop’s innovative iN2L engagement solution five years ago to support their life engagement team’s initiatives. The platform has since transformed the way New Perspective connects with residents and their families, fostering deeper engagement and enriching the overall resident experience. Building on this success, New Perspective is now expanding the use of the LifeLoop platform to streamline key operational workflows for community staff.

“LifeLoop has been key in boosting resident and family engagement. Its robust platform and exceptional customer support are vital to our ongoing technology and innovation strategy,” said Brandon Tabbert, New Perspective VP of Innovation. This partnership not only enhances daily interactions but also strengthens the company's commitment to providing a vibrant and fulfilling living environment.

LifeLoop’s comprehensive platform is specifically designed for senior living, enabling operators to improve engagement, operations, communications, and data insights. This holistic approach ensures that the needs of essential stakeholders, including community staff, residents, and family members, are met. By integrating LifeLoop into its operations, New Perspective aims to achieve increased operational efficiencies for staff, higher resident satisfaction, and stronger family connections, resulting in meaningful outcomes year over year.

The LifeLoop platform provides solutions that help residents thrive by delivering engaging content, empowering the staff who support them, and facilitating connections with their families. This comprehensive approach to senior care makes it exceptional for everyone involved. Engage residents, delight staff, and connect family members with LifeLoop’s dynamic platform for senior living.

By leveraging LifeLoop’s advanced technology, New Perspective is poised to enhance its community operations, empower its staff, and enrich the lives of its residents. This collaboration highlights the importance of innovation in providing exceptional senior care and reaffirms New Perspective’s commitment to helping seniors live with purpose and joy.


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