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AKM and Pontosense offer feature-rich radar tech for elder care and child safety solutions

AKM radar tech and Pontosense software offer feature-rich eldercare and child safety solutions
Source: Asahi Kasei Microdevices

Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM), a key player in technological innovation, unveiled its groundbreaking millimeter-wave radar transceiver technology at the forefront of the elder care sector this January. Millimeter-wave radar, prized for its accurate sensing and interference-free nature, has long been a staple in Advanced Driving Assistant Systems (ADAS) for autonomous vehicles. However, its applications have transcended the automotive realm, expanding into smart cities, building automation, and health monitoring industries.

Notably, the aging population has spurred innovations in the smart home sector, with millimeter-wave radar facilitating falling alarms and sleep monitoring. Its capability to detect subtle human activities, gestures, breathing, and heartbeats also holds promise in medical applications such as blood pressure and emotional monitoring.

Radar tech for elder care

The AK581x, AKM's latest 60 GHz millimeter-wave radar transceiver integrated circuit (IC), praised for its precise, high-resolution detection capabilities with automotive-level reliability. In collaboration with Pontosense, a leader in elder care solutions, AKM's AK581x promises to redefine safety standards for seniors. This technology, coupled with Pontosense's advanced software, wirelessly detects individuals left unattended, potentially preventing accidents such as falls or complications from prolonged absence.

The AK581x boasts a multi-channel architecture, supporting a frequency modulation range up to 7 GHz and delivering outstanding range resolution as fine as 2.2 cm. Leveraging these features, it enables the simultaneous detection of multiple persons' respiratory rates and positions. When combined with

Pontosense's innovative artificial intelligence-driven software, the result is a versatile solution that offers varying levels of resolution and fields of view, all without the need for cameras or microphones.

Pontosense's Silver Shield product, a testament to its efficacy, has already been implemented in a major European care home chain. Outfitting rooms with non-invasive fall detection, vital sign monitoring, and activity tracking, Silver Shield offers comprehensive safety measures for elderly residents. It seamlessly detects falls with 99% accuracy, monitors vital signs with medical-grade precision, and provides detailed activity logs. Moreover, its wireless intelligent sensing, powered by patented mmWave RADAR technology, captures even the tiniest movements with exceptional accuracy, making it ideal for monitoring heart rates and respiratory patterns without intruding on privacy.

Alex Qi, Co-Founder and CEO at Pontosense, highlighted the vast potential applications of this technology, from enhancing home automation to transforming public safety in smart city infrastructures.

The AK581x series, available in both automotive and consumer grades, is slated for mass production in the coming quarters, promising to bring this groundbreaking technology to the forefront of elder care globally.


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