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LifeSigns innovates healthcare in rural India with AI-powered continuous monitoring solution

LifeSigns, one of India’s rapidly growing health tech companies, has unveiled a technology that promises to revolutionize healthcare accessibility in the country's remote rural areas. The innovative solution, offers real-time, uninterrupted streaming of patient data to doctors and healthcare professionals 24x7, whether the patient is at home, in an ambulance, or at the hospital. In a strategic move, LifeSigns has partnered with RailTel Corporation, a leading optic fiber network services provider, to extend enhanced connectivity across rural India, enabling seamless remote patient monitoring.

Hari Subramanian, Founder & CEO of LifeSigns, emphasized the company's mission to make patient vital data both accessible and affordable, addressing healthcare disparities in underserved regions. Subramanian highlighted the alarming preventable mortality rates in rural and remote areas, underscoring the urgency of the initiative. He emphasized that LifeSigns' cutting-edge technology, driven by an advanced alert algorithm, ensures effective monitoring in India's most remote corners, without missing even a single heartbeat, making it a unique and vital solution for equitable healthcare access.

LifeSigns' latest offering, named LifeConnect, harnesses next-gen technology to provide seamless 24x7 real-time streaming of patient data to doctors and hospitals, regardless of the patient's location. This transformative system empowers healthcare professionals to deliver optimal patient care, even while on the move. Patients benefit from timely clinical interventions, reduced travel time, and minimized challenges in managing their health.

The company's primary focus lies in installing connected data systems in hospitals and medical facilities. LifeSigns deploys a versatile dashboard application adaptable to various settings, including primary healthcare institutions and hospitals. The software facilitates monitoring vital signs and other patient information, consolidating data from diverse medical devices into a centralized platform accessible to healthcare professionals anytime, anywhere.

LifeSigns stands at the forefront of health tech innovation, transforming patient monitoring practices across India. Leveraging advancements in semiconductors, SoC, networking, wireless technology, cloud computing, and analytics, LifeSigns offers clinical-grade biosensors, companion devices, and the LifeSigns iMS software platform. This pioneering initiative is shifting patient monitoring from analogue, manual processes to digital, wireless, and automated activities. With a mission to elevate India's healthcare system, LifeSigns is dedicated to enhancing clinical outcomes, automating patient monitoring, and ensuring seamless healthcare delivery, irrespective of the patient's or caregiver's location.

Photo credit: Unsplash


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