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Integration of Kwikset locks with FallCall medical alert Apps enhances emergency response

Integration of Kwikset locks with FallCall medical alert Apps enhances emergency response
Photo credit: FallCare Solutions

In a bid to transform the medical alert experience, Kwikset, a renowned name in residential security, has teamed up with FallCall Solutions to integrate its Kwikset Halo Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock with FallCall's medical alert applications. This collaboration introduces a groundbreaking feature called Kwik-Unlock, exclusively available on FallCall Detect and FallCall Lite apps.

The integration aims to streamline emergency response procedures by enabling emergency medical personnel to enter premises swiftly using the FallCall app and Kwikset Lock. With Kwik-Unlock, entry delays are minimized, and the risk of forced entries due to false alarms is eliminated. This not only saves valuable time but also prevents unnecessary property damage.

FallCall Detect, designed for Apple Watch and iPhone users, offers 24/7 emergency monitoring and smart fall detection. It also supports compatibility with Kwikset Halo and Beacon-Based Pendants. On the other hand, FallCall Lite provides a simplified version of FallCall Detect.

The innovative Kwik-Unlock feature allows for automatic door unlocking after an ambulance is dispatched, triggered either by FallCall's "Smart" Fall Detection or by tapping the +Help button on the FallCall app. Following the dispatch, emergency services can access the premises immediately upon arrival, as the predesignated Kwikset Halo smart lock is unlocked remotely.

According to FallCall founder and president, Shea C. Gregg, MD, this collaboration with Kwikset marks a significant milestone in redefining the medical alert experience for users, caregivers, and emergency responders. Erik Glassen, Senior Brand Manager at Kwikset, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the partnership's potential to alleviate concerns during emergencies.

Furthermore, the integration of FallCall apps with Kwik-Unlock eliminates the need for door breakage, especially considering that 66% of medical alert activations are accidental, according to Consumer Reports. This not only saves costs but also minimizes inconvenience for users.

The FallCall Detect and FallCall Lite apps, coupled with Kwik-Unlock technology, offer a comprehensive personal emergency response system. With features like Apple Crash Detection and Bluetooth jewelry compatibility, users can lead active lifestyles with confidence, knowing that prompt assistance is readily available when needed.

The Kwikset Halo Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock provides users with smart lock security and home convenience using their existing Wi-Fi router. With the Kwikset app, users can manage and monitor the lock remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.


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