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Innovative cellular-enabled health monitoring solutions to debut at HIMSS Global Conference

Smart Meter, the supplier of remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices, data, and services, supporting a nationwide network of SmartPartners, will unveil three new products at the HIMSS Global Conference next week in Chicago. SmartPartners can dramatically expand their solutions using these new health monitoring tools, helping providers better care for patients with various chronic conditions, including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, congestive heart failure, diabetes, and weight management.

Smart Meter will have many new product launch activities during the HIMSS conference, with the new monitors included in the AT&T Healthcare Tech Innovation display. This showcase features leading solutions that imbue AT&T IoT Connectivity. Additionally, the two companies will lead a presentation on the importance of ensuring the security of patient data in connected care models.

"Smart Meter is proud to expand our line of proprietary monitoring devices that combine patient-friendly technologies with robust security," said Bill Bassett, Chief Marketing Officer, Smart Meter. "Our devices can only connect and transmit patient-generated health data when connected to our exclusive Private Data Network custom built with AT&T and Cisco, ensuring that patient data is protected from alteration, eavesdropping, data mining, or interception."

About Smart Meter, LLC

Smart Meter is the supplier of Remote Patient Monitoring ("RPM") solutions to a nationwide network of SmartPartners™ who are transforming patient care. Millions of vital health data readings are reliably delivered across our secure platform, enabling SmartPartners to provide real-time, better-informed health care. Our proprietary, patient-friendly, cellular, FDA-registered monitoring devices are connected to an exclusive AT&T IoT Private Data Network to ensure an engaging patient experience for improved adherence.


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