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Indonesia's PT Norma and Taiwan's ACE Biotek collaborate to develop Indonesian hospital market

Advanced ACEBIOTEK CO., LTD. (ACE Biotek) and PT NORMA Diagnostika Indonesia (PT Norma) announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on June 9, 2023. This collaboration aims to jointly develop and explore opportunities in the Indonesian hospital market. Representatives in the signing ceremony are Steve Hsu, President of ACE Biotek, and Eva Hayati, Operational Director of PT Norma. Notably, the contract signing uses the Uniiform smart pen, symbolizing the integration of innovative technology into the partnership.

PT Norma, a leading provider of information systems (HIS) for Indonesian hospitals, is partnering with ACE Biotek, a specialist in developing smart hospital technologies. The collaboration will focus on integrating ACE Biotek's Uniiform Smart Handwriting System (UniiForm) software into PT Norma's HIS system. This integration will enable the introduction of advanced healthcare solutions in Indonesian hospitals, streamlining medical staff efforts and enhancing the quality of care. Uniiform preserves user behavior and synchronously uploads handwriting records in real-time, facilitating a paperless environment and enabling AI-driven extensive data analysis and early disease diagnosis.

The partnership between ACE Biotek and PT Norma originated from a visit where PT Norma witnessed ACE Biotek's technological achievements. Recognizing the market potential and aligning with the Southeast Asian EMR trend, PT Norma identified Uniiform as the cutting-edge product that complements its vision for the Indonesian healthcare sector. This MOU signifies a significant stride towards advancing healthcare technology in Indonesia. By combining expertise, the companies aim to contribute to meet patient care enhancement and smart hospital development.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the partnership, Mr. Steve Hsu, President of ACE Biotek, stated, "We are excited to collaborate with PT Norma to introduce our Uniiform Smart Handwriting System to Indonesian hospitals. The MOU represents a significant step towards enhancing healthcare technology in Indonesia and improving patient care."

Ms. Eva Hayati, Operational Director of PT Norma, shared similar sentiments, remarking, "We believe that the Uniiform Smart Handwriting System has immense potential in the Indonesian market. By integrating Uniiform into our HIS system, we aim to offer an advanced system that aligns with the EMR trends. We will expand the user reference site to multiple hospitals across Indonesia."

Steve Hsu, President of ACE Biotek (Left) and Eva Hayati, Operational Director of PT Norma (Right)

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