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ForeAider unveils advanced assistive devices at Vietnam Medi-Pharm 2024

Updated: Jun 8

ForeAider unveils advanced assistive devices at Vietnam Medi-Pharm 2024

Taiwan-based ForeAider Technology showcased three innovative assistive devices at the Vietnam Medi-Pharm 2024, held from May 9-12. The Smart Sensing Pad, Laser Massager, and Smart EMG Knee Support are designed to enhance caretaking solutions and provide customized care plans for the elderly.

Smart Sensing Pad

The Smart Sensing Pad is a contactless and easy-to-set-up device placed under the mattress, turning any regular mattress into a smart one. Utilizing bio-microvibration and micro-measurement technology, it monitors bed exits, occupancy, heart rate, and breathing conditions. In case of abnormalities or prolonged absence from bed, caregivers receive instant notifications via a web interface or mobile app for prompt action.

The pad's contact surface is free of electronic components, making it easy to install, store, and fold, and less prone to damage compared to other products on the market. It establishes a non-verbal communication bridge between caregivers and the elderly, enhancing service efficiency while providing stable health monitoring without altering the environment.

Laser Massager

The Laser Massager is a miniaturized medical infrared light therapy device targeting pain points throughout the body. As people age, muscles and joints tend to degenerate, often leading to soreness and numbness. This innovative low-level light therapy (LLLT) device, named RayFocus, features a modular and portable design to fix on knees, ankles, elbows, and other uncomfortable areas.

RayFocus utilizes next-generation SMD red and NIR lasers, proven to promote metabolism, activate blood circulation, relieve pain, and support the body’s healing processes. It is a revolutionary medical-grade, FDA-registered device scientifically proven to be effective for pain and inflammation relief. Compact and convenient, with an extensive battery life, it provides relief wherever needed.

Smart EMG Knee Support

The Smart EMG Knee Support features a soft, non-skin contact sensor system and a user-friendly interface that includes simultaneous measurement of different muscle areas and a graphical display of muscle strength and activation sequences. This design offers a comfortable wearing experience and enables users to understand their muscle strength better, aiding in the development of effective training plans.

The product innovates with a coupled flexible sensing module, allowing users to measure the core muscles of the lower limbs through electromyography (EMG) without skin contact. This feature provides more concrete muscle strength measurements, enhancing training effectiveness and user comfort.

ForeAider Technology continues to lead the way in developing advanced assistive devices that ensure safer and more attentive caretaking solutions. Their products aim to improve the quality of life for the elderly and provide caregivers with the tools they need for efficient and effective care.


If you are interested in sourcing elder care products, please register to visit Cares Expo Taipei 2024, September 12-14 or contact contact Juihui Lin via for more info.


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