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Cherish Health secures $26M in funding for radar tech in elder care

Cherish Health secures $26M funding for elder care radar technology
Source: Cherish Health

Cherish Health, a leading AI-focused health tech organization, has successfully raised $26 million in funding, setting a notable milestone in the healthcare technology sector. What sets this achievement apart is that the funding was secured without the assistance of venture capital. The primary objective behind this financial boost is to launch an innovative radar-based device aimed at detecting falls, particularly benefiting the elderly community.

This revolutionary tool is poised to elevate safety standards and enhance response times in elder care facilities and for seniors living independently. Furthermore, its successful introduction into the market is anticipated to create job opportunities, thereby solidifying Cherish Health's position as a key player in the healthcare tech arena.

In a departure from traditional funding methods, Cherish Health opted to raise funds from strategic investors rather than relying on conventional venture capitalists. This strategic decision reflects the company's strong confidence in the company's potential and a desire to retain significant control over its trajectory.

Serenity provides radar tech in elder care

Cherish Health's flagship offering, Serenity, represents a significant breakthrough in elder care technology. This discreet device, powered by radar technology, is engineered to detect falls without the need for wearables. Unlike conventional fall detection tools, Serenity offers multi-room monitoring and can differentiate between routine movements and falls, ensuring prompt alerts to caregivers or family members in the event of potential accidents.

Cherish Health's collaboration with also underscores its commitment to excellence and innovation. Through this partnership, Cherish SerenityTM integrates advanced radar technology and AI to detect falls and monitor activities across multiple rooms, offering unparalleled safety and peace of mind.

Serenity's unique ability to construct a detailed skeleton model of individuals in near-real-time sets it apart from conventional solutions. Moreover, its capacity to monitor vital signs like resting heart rate and respiration from a distance, without the need for wearables, showcases the technology's potential to revolutionize home healthcare.

Looking ahead, Cherish Health envisions broader applications for its patented technology, including public safety measures and health monitoring in vehicles. With localized operations and a strong market interest, the company is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the healthcare technology landscape.

Source: Baseline, TechCrunch


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