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Bionik Laboratories expands installation of InMotion ARM robotic device

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Bionik Laboratories Corp., a robotics company providing neurological functional recovery solutions to stroke survivors and others with mobility challenges, offering its technology to therapists directly and services to patients in its clinical centers, continues to grow its partnership with Lifepoint Health, announcing its four new installations of the InMotion ARM robotic device in Phoenix, Arizona, Sacramento, California, Brownsburg, Indiana, and Louisville, Kentucky, to deliver quality stroke recovery care.

Lifepoint Health has been delivering outstanding care to some of the nation’s most medically complex patients, managing about 37 rehabilitation hospitals in the United States. Bionik’s partnership with Lifepoint Health provides their Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (IRFs) with their InMotion ARM robotic devices, to help Lifepoint Health’s already-existing roster of patients recover from stroke, brain, and spinal cord injuries.

Source: Bionik's video about "InMotion Setup and Eval Overview"

Bionik’s InMotion ARM robotic devices use artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor a patient’s movements during therapy while it gently assists to complete various motor therapy activities. While conventional therapy will allow occupational therapists to complete 30-60 movements per session with a patient, Bionik’s device allows them to track up to 1,000 movements per session, with patients measuring upwards of 15-20% improvement over a 14-day timeframe.

In addition to the installation of Bionik’s devices, Bionik provides continued training and education to the Lifepoint Health hospital staff and therapists on the robotics technology, ensuring proper asset utilization and positive patient outcomes for all. Recent patient successes with the devices were highlighted at Lifepoint Health locations in Tampa, Florida and Cleveland, Ohio, with local media pointing to the impact the devices had on patients throughout their recovery journeys.

​Over the past year, Bionik has installed numerous devices across Lifepoint Health hospitals in the United States, 32 locations to be exact, and plans to continue their partnership with more installations into 2024.


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