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We often hear how family members find loved ones after hours of lying on the floor or being incapacitated for some reason. It is known that with each passing hour, the rate of survival diminishes. With this in mind, we are pleased to offer MyNotifi®, not only for fall detection, but for the mitigating features encoded into the device. These features greatly diminish the potential of finding loved ones in compromised situations where time is of the essence.

Now mom and dad can live at home, exercise to maintain strength, and stay connected to loved ones in the event of a fall.

Falling is the number one cause of death in the aged population and can be very expensive to treat. MyNotifi® is a one of a kind wrist wearable device that links the patient directly to loved ones and caregivers. MyNotifi™ detects the fall and automatically sends a message for assistance to anyone previously selected by the user.





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