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MicroBase Technology

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MicroBase Technology Corporation (微邦科技股份有限公司) was founded in 1997 in Taiwan. MicroBase is dedicated to develop "non-silicon-based MEMS " by using LIGA technology that could be applied in the manufacture and development of miniaturized devices and micron-scale parts.

After a decade of development, MicroBase becomes a professional non-silicon-based MEMS manufacturer and also be the only company in the Asia with the capabilities of laser material processing and mass production all in one. MicroBase has applied non-silicon-based MEMS technology to produce in many different fields including electronic peripherals, medical materials and beauty products all over the world.

With Laser-LIGA technology, MicroBase has process micron-level microstructures for various materials and incorporated the micro mesh technique into the development of inhalation devices, Pocket Air, for the treatment of respiratory diseases. We are dedicated to providing a safe, efficient, and convenient drug delivery system to all the patients and the healthcare professionals. MicroBase adopts a collaborative approach while working with partners around the world, and we welcome collaboration opportunities in developing combination products with pharmaceutical companies.





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Assistive device


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