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Since its founding in 2001, Lobsang, bearing wishes of fortune, well-being, and happiness, has opened spiritual windows and gotten on good terms with people. From spiritual elevation to care for the family, the environment, and the society.

People are born into families that, in turn, has been given life by their environments Within Lobsang’s two main businesses, stairlifts help return people to the healthy dynamics of a family; and water processing works help to re-integrate families back into the environment. We consider the natural cycle as part of the companys operating principles, which include respect for the workings of the nature and learning humbly from it.

The efforts put forth at Lobsang can be likened to the never-ending biological processes of a tree. In sincere thanks to the love and patronage of our customers, which have enabled us to continue to grow, to innovate, and to give back to the society.





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