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Inventec Appliances

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In response to dynamic market conditions and to fulfill various customization requirements, IAC adopted product lifecycle management process and global distribution management system to present IAC core competence from product development, NPI and manufacture. In doing so, we rapidly allocate, integrate, and optimize resources among various operation sites to maximize corporate value.

Inventec Appliances Corp. has a presence in Greater China, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, and North America. In order to effectively link each location and production plant, the company’s resources are highly integrated in terms of business, function, and region. In this way, we meet specific business needs and streamline our operational processes with customers and suppliers while maintaining organizational flexibility and efficiency.

To support organization keeping success, Inventec Appliances Corp. has developed a set of core competence to realize our vision, including "Products and Technology", "Customer Orientation", and "Systems Operations".

Products and TechnologyLeading expertise in intelligent device development and innovation





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Health & Wellness


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