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Rolf Barman was born in a family of dentists. His father, mother and aunt were all dentists.His father, Dr. Otto Barman, was a pioneer in preventive measures for children’s teeth, and introduced fluoride rinsing and brushing of teeth in schools. Through 40 years of experience as a dentist, Rolf Barman has been passionately concerned about development of practical aids for improving dental health. He invented the first double ended woodstick, Sanodent, to make it easy and encourage more people to clean between their teeth.

This design simplified and popularized interdental cleaning. 20 years ago he developed Petosan toothbrush for pets together with his son Ole Barman. Petosan AS has since grown to be a significant influencer on developing products for pet’s dental health. His most successful invention however is Dr. Barman’s Superbrush. Superbrush was developed to help people improve and maintain good oral health throughout life by shaping the head to automatically remove plaque on all sides of tooth equally well and, most importantly, remove plaque effectively along gumline. Removing bacteria along the gumline is essential to maintain a good oral health. Caring for your oral health is also caring for your general health.


Dr Barmans



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