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ALGER Techonology

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The founder of Alger was a businessman who worked abroad all year round. He returned to Taiwan in 2017 and was filled with guilt and remorse upon seeing his frail and almost disabled mother. As a result, he made the resolute decision to give up his overseas business and personally take care of his mother in order to accompany her.

Having experienced the helplessness of a disabled person, which felt like being imprisoned, he regarded the opportunity to spend three years and nine months with his mother as his greatest blessing. During this time, he was able to recover memories of his mother taking care of him when he was a child.

While personally accompanying his mother, he recognized the inadequacies of existing assistive devices and decided to devote himself to studying them. He has developed a total of eleven invention patent applications, ten of which have been approved and authorized by the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office. He hopes that the pain his mother experienced can be transformed into great love and benefit society's vast number of patients and caregivers.





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Assistive Device


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