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Accurate Meditech

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In our daily life, when you really need something or service, it is not around you. In our lives, blood pressure monitors are nothing more than bought from the pharmacy, If you go to the pharmacy almost every month more than 3 times, it represents nearly 40 times a year is basically the opportunity to buy a sphygmomanometer.

In patients with blood pressure issues, you may be at home, companies, and laboratories are equipped with a sphygmomanome- ter, but when we travel, tourism, or dating but do not usually have a sphygmomanometer on your side, if at that moment, your body was a warning, how to deal with it?

Accurate Meditech successfully developed a set of sensors combining Pressure and Optical that can measure blood pressure non- invasively and continuously, by capturing and analyzing arterial movements through pulse wave velocity, and also other vital signs, like SPO2, Artery Parameters...etc, it is called Accurate 24.


Accurate Meditech



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